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Directional Control / Directional & Flow Control Logic Valves (LD)

These valves are 2-way directional valves designed to open and close the circuits in accordance with pressure signals from the pilot lines. They are used as multifunctional valves for controlling flow directions or flow directions and rates. Standard covers provided with a choice of several control valves are available so that optimum valves can be selected for control purposes.

Relief Logic Valves (LB)

These relief logic valves are used to protect pumps and control valves from excessive pressure and control the pressures of their hydraulic lines at constant levels. With the help of vent lines, they are also capable of remote and unload control.

Solenoid Controlled Relief Logic Valves (LBS)

These solenoid controlled relief logic valves are composite control valves having solenoid controlled directional and pilot relief valves and vent restrictors combined together. This configuration eliminates pipes from the vent circits of relief logic valves. They are used to put pumps into unloading operation, with the solenoid controlled directional valves serving to select pilot lines, or to place hydraulic system two or three pressure controls, with the pilot relief valves in action.

Solenoid Operated Directional Control Logic Valve (LDS)

These solenoid operated directional control logic valves are composed of directional control valves and solenoid operated directional valves combined together. The solenoid operated directional valves serve to switch pilot lines and the directional control valves are used to control the direction of the main circuits. Covers provided with various control valves are available to provide optimum control.