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External Gear Pumps, Series AP


The product range of Bucher Hydraulics includes single pumps 05-100-212-212HP-250HP-312HP (corresponding with the common group denominations: 05-1-2-2.5-3) and several combinations of double pumps, triple pumps, and so on, that can be assembled together according to versions of displacement, flanging, and auxiliary valves.


Mounting Valves


The pressure control valves for SAE-Flange are suitable for the direct structure on the Internal Gear pumps series QX.

QX Internal Gear Pumps


Pump ‘all-rounders’ up to 400 bar

The QX series is the 5th generation of Bucher’s internal gear pumps and has proven itself for decades in the mobile and industrial hydraulics markets. Many aspects of the design have been enhanced, and it is characterized by a simple layout with relatively few components. It is exceptionally compact and robust. As a direct result of the special gear profile that Bucher uses, QX pumps achieve extremely low levels of pulsation and noise emission, even at high pressures and speeds. Thanks to the wide range of variants, QX pumps can be used for virtually all applications.

QXEHX Internal Gear Pumps


Highly dynamic variable-speed pump operation

The QXEH series has been specially developed for pumping duties in highly dynamic servo drives with a reversing function. Using the pinion-shaft technology, high pressures up to 280 bar are developed in a single stage. QXEH pumps are therefore particularly well suited for a wide range of applications in industrial hydraulics where there are high demands on power density, energy efficiency and machine productivity. At the same time, they ensure maximum operational reliability coupled with minimal flow- and pressure-pulsations even during operation with highly dynamic load cycles.

QXEM Internal Gear Units


Highly dynamic variable-speed multi-quadrant applications

The QXEM series is intended for operation as both a pump and a motor. A symmetrical design makes these units specially suitable for highly dynamic variable-speed multi-quadrant operation. In the industrial hydraulics field, they are therefore particularly appropriate for applications with highly cyclical loading. Thanks to the pinion-shaft technology, pressures up to 250 bar are built up in a single-stage. The direction of rotation can also be reversed in milliseconds, while maximum operational reliability is ensured at all times thanks to optimized hydrodynamic lubrication.

QXM Internal Gear Units


Pump/motor operation in multi-quadrant applications

The QXM series is an extension of the QX pump series and is suitable for operation as both a pump and a motor. Thanks to the completely symmetrical design, these units can be used in multi-quadrant operation and are suitable for a wide range of applications in both industrial and mobile hydraulics. In 4-quadrant operation, the movement of cylinders can be controlled on the one hand, and exploited to recover/save energy on the other. For example, if the unit works as a pump during a lifting process, it can then work as a motor during the lowering process to feed energy back into the system.

QXV Internal Gear Pumps


Pumps Low-viscosity fluids

The QXV series has been developed for use with low-viscosity fluids. QXV pumps have proven particularly successful in applications for pumping kerosene, automotive fuels, paraffin, brake fluids and many other low-viscosity fluids. When required, a multi-stage pressure build-up can be employed to achieve high pressures of up to 250 bar with a viscosity close to 1 mm2/s, and with high efficiencies at the same time.