we consider our self as a success partner to our clients, thus our service department is here to provide a helping hand whenever possible to repair your hydraulic system and its individual parts instead of replacing it in fast, easy and cost-effective way.

We determine the strengths and weaknesses of a cylinder to understand how it will react under stress in its application using our hydraulic test bench resulting in durable cylinder that fits your process conditions.

Hydraulic Cylinders :

When it comes to cylinders manufacturers, EMA Group has been a market leader in the Egyptian market since 1995. EMA has opened their first facility in town to manufacture the  hydraulic cylinders.  We tailor wide range of cylinders in different diameters, strokes, and load capacities using our finest materials and highest quality standards through the entire process of manufacturing includes material selection, machining, assembly, testing, painting and documentation.

Power Units:

The technical engineering department in EMA deals with the design and integration of complete system in the hydraulic field. EMA partners with some of the most well known manufacturers of the hydraulic components required in any hydraulic circuit.   

Seals :

EMA  can manufactures any type of seals up to 80 cm outside diameters under certification of MSO Seals (USA). We carry the  finest materials to provide high quality seals  based on the application and media which the seals will be working in. Since 1998, EMA has been the first company to introduce this technology to the Egyptian market and has solved many problems  specially in the cylinders repair area. EMA can provide their customer through our partners, 4 meters seal manufactured by CNC lathe within a lead time. As well as an un limited diameter seal can be produced by special advanced sealing technology.

Hoses :

When it comes to hydraulic systems, we understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect product at the exact specifications that you require. That is why, we offer you the opportunity to build your own hydraulic hose to meet the demands of your systems.

Here at EMA, you can build your system’s perfect hydraulic hose, and change a wide range of the hose’s specifications to meet you system’s requirements. This customization can include the length of the hydraulic hose, its width and angle of rotation.